Bath Priory Pop-Up Restaurant with Sam Moody

Last night I was invited to shoot an event at The King William pub in Bath.  The event brought the partnership of The Bath Priory’s food and The King William’s stylish dining rooms and wine together for a great evening demonstrating what the Bath culinary world has to offer.  Sam Moody and his team from the Priory created an exciting 5 course menu which was accompanied by a wine flight featuring all natural wines sourced by The King William.

Below are a few shots from the event and I will be making a short video to follow this up in the next day or two.  Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Bath Priory Pop-Up Restaurant with Sam Moody

  1. Well, your photos kick my iPod grain-o-matic shots right out of the park … this was an epic meal, I trust you got to eat it rather than just shoot it. And weren’t those cheesy brioche ball things at the beginning just sublime?! And those wines …

    Looking forward to your video!

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